Treatments Offered

Acupuncture: an effective treatment style for a wide variety of common conditions.

Chinese Herbal Formulas: supplements paired with acupuncture.

Food Therapy: finding the right ingredients for your pet’s diet.

Spinal Manipulation (chiropractic care for animals): balancing the body and restoring it to optimal health.

Canine Rehabilitation: helping your dog recover from injury and regain strength and mobility.

Laser Therapy: a non-invasive pain relief tool that can speed up healing.

NAET: a natural allergy reduction technique.

NET: a natural, neural emotional technique.

Tui Na: a form of body work that borrows elements from massage, chiropractic, and acupressure.

Homotoxicology: a modern form of homeopathy that helps to detoxify and reduce inflammation in the body.

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